Mites culture

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LETI Pharma possesses isolated facilities specialised in the production of mites. The plant procedures follow strict hygiene norms to avoid cross-contamination. Using these mites as raw material, LETI Pharma produces high-quality allergenic extracts certified by the Paul Ehrlich Institut. The LETI Pharma manufacturing processes and procedures comply with GMP.

Production method

The live mites are inoculated in a specific medium, followed by culture under controlled atmospheric conditions of temperature and humidity. When they have grown, they are collected and sieved according to the purity requested by the client. After collection, the products are lyophilised to reduce their water content.

Available mites

LETI Pharma offers 9 species of mites.

Domestic dust mites

  • Dermatophagoides farinae
  • Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
  • Euroglyphus maynei

Storage mites

  • Blomia tropicalis
  • Chortoglyphus arcuatus
  • Glycyphagus domesticus
  • Lepidoglyphus destructor
  • Acarus Siro
  • Tyrophagus putrescentiae