Cockroach excrement is one of the main triggers of asthma, especially in damp areas and inner-city neighbourhoods.

To avoid or control cockroaches:

  • Vacuum or sweep the floor after meals and take the rubbish out frequently. Food crumbs and spilled liquids promote the appearance and reproduction of cockroaches.
  • Store food in sealed containers. Cockroaches need food to survive: without it they can survive for one month.
  • Wash plates immediately after using them, clean surfaces and the kitchen after meals. Do not leave dirty dishes from one day to the next. Do not leave food remains in the kitchen.
  • Cover small apertures, such as cracks in the wall, gaps under doors, in windows or in the floor, basement doors and drainpipes; points at which cockroaches can enter the house.
  • Repair and seal leaking taps and pipes. Cockroaches like damp places so you should drain water out of sinks, baths and kitchens. Cockroaches need water to survive. Without water they will die within a week.
  • Avoid dustbins or piles of cartons, newspapers, bags and cardboard boxes.
  • Use insecticides authorised in the European Community.
  • Use poison-free cockroach traps.