Treatment of allergy

Vaccination with allergens or immunotherapy consists of progressively administering repetitive doses of the allergen to the patient to reduce or eliminate host sensitivity to the former.

Immunotherapy or allergen vaccines can be used in the treatment of various types of allergy (pollen, mites, animals, etc.).

Duration of treatment with vaccines is usually from three to five years in most cases. However, symptoms begin to improve 3-5 months after start ing the treatment.

The World Health Organisation considers vaccination with allergens to be the only treatment that can modify the natural course of allergies, and which can also halt the development of asthma in patients with allergic rhinitis and prevent the development of new sensitizations. Unlike symptomatic treatments, immunotherapy directly treats the cause of the disease.

Immunotherapy should always be prescribed and monitored by an allergy specialist. Specialists advise starting immunotherapy as soon as possible to avoid the evolution and chronic onset of the allergy.

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