Research and Development

LETI Pharma’s Research and Development and Clinical Research laboratories develop a number of lines of research within the company strategy of offering products that are increasingly competitive on the allergy diagnosis and treatment markets.

The company’s scientific policy and technological development of these products are based on studies carried out in LETI Pharma’s R&D laboratories located in Tres Cantos, Madrid. Most of the products developed as a result of these studies are protected by both European and American patents.

Research and Development lines

The main objectives of our research policy are:

  • To improve the quality and characterisation of allergenic extracts used in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases.
  • To define the structural, physico-chemical and biochemical properties of allergens (substances causing allergic diseases) and to investigate their behaviour after various physical and chemical treatments.
  • To investigate the composition and standardisation of new allergenic extracts.
  • To investigate the consistency, efficacy and safety of new allergens and/or new forms of therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of allergic disorders.