Allergies to the pet fur/dandruff/feathers are frequent as the number of pets in the home is more and more common.

The allergy is to certain proteins given off in the air from flakes of pet skin, saliva or urine. Once the transporter substance is dry, the proteins causing the allergy evaporate and are deposited on surfaces, where they enter into contact with allergy sufferers.

Rugs and furniture can keep these allergens in the environment for months after the animal has left the home.

  • If any family member is allergic to an animal, you must avoid having the animal inside the home.
  • If this is not possible:
    • The animal should live outside the house.
    • Do not allow pets to enter bedrooms, and keep bedroom doors closed.
    • Ensure that the pet remains in one area of the house. Keep the animal off of rugs, curtains and upholstered furniture such as sofas and armchairs.
    • Wash the animal at least once or twice a week.
    • Wash your hands after touching the animal.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with an appropriate filter to clean the house.
  • Individuals allergic to other aeroallergens such as pollen or mites should also avoid having pets in the house as they are at risk of becoming sensitized to other allergens. Having animals in the home favours the spread of dust mites.