LETI Pharma started its activities in the field of allergy in 1941, with the creation of the LETI Allergy Service—one of the first manufacturers in Europe to produce allergenic extracts. Since then, LETI Pharma has remained a leader in the field of allergology with numerous scientific publications and a long list of therapeutic innovations to its credit.


  • 1919 Foundation of the Laboratorio Experimental de Terapéutica Inmunógena (LETI) in Barcelona (Spain).
  • 1941 Creation of the LETI Allergy Service as a natural development within a company clearly devoted to immunology from its foundation.
  • 1949 Foundation of the Spanish Society of Allergy with Dr. Ramón Surinyach-Oller (Director of the LETI Allergy Service) as founding member. Dr. Surinyach closes the first conference of the Spanish Society of Allergy, held the same year.
  • 1969 Dr. Surinyach becomes President of the Spanish Society of Allergy.
  • 1984 Allergy becomes the core of Laboratorios LETI commercial and research activity.
  • 1985 Creation of the Corporación Biológica Farmacéutica (CBF) as a research unit in allergy.
  • 1990 Launch of the product line Alergoide Retard. First world manufacturer to obtain a polymerised allergen extract from mites as raw material.
  • 1992 Inauguration of the R&D laboratory and production plant in Madrid (Spain).
  • 1994 Launch of sublingual immunotherapy (allergen extracts for sublingual administration).
  • 1995 Laboratorios LETI becomes the only Spanish member of the European Allergen Manufacturers Group (EAMG).
  • 1996 Laboratorios LETI becomes the first Spanish immunotherapy manufacturer to obtain ISO 9002 certification.
  • 1997 Laboratorios LETI begins its commercial activities in Chile.
  • 1999 Laboratorios LETI becomes a founding member of the Spanish Association of Biocompanies (ASEBIO).
  • 2000 Launch of the Depigmented allergen extracts polymerised with glutaraldehyde and adsorbed to aluminum hydroxide line.
    Creation of LETI Pharma GmbH and initiation of sales of allergenic extracts in Germany.
  • 2001 Registration of the first allergen extracts for diagnostic purposes in the Paul Ehrlich Institut (Germany).
  • 2004 Laboratorios LETI begins to sell its allergen extracts in Colombia.
  • 2005 It is obtained drug licensing approval in the Paul Ehrlich Institut (Germany) for the treatment of respiratory allergy (rhinoconjunctivitis and asthma) in patients who are sensitive to mites.
    Initiation of sales of Laboratorios LETI products in Mexico.
  • 2007 Depifast launch.
  • 2010 Laboratorios LETI begins marketing its allergenic extracts in Greece.